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Personalized Video Messages are Revolutionizing Gifting

In today’s world, technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives; the gifting industry should be no exception. With advancements in the ability to deliver gifts worldwide, being in-person with the receiver is not always an option. Personalized video messages that can be attached to any gift are a game changer. CAMI, which stands for “Creating A Meaningful Interaction,” gives people the opportunity to enhance emotional connections when it comes to gifting. The easy to use CAMItag can be attached to any gift with three simple steps – (1) scan your tag (2) record your video (3) make it live – and a personalized video message is then recorded onto the tag. Gone are the days when store-bought cards are sufficient - CAMItag allows individuals to create their own meaningful gift tags, with a personalized message, straight from the heart.


What is Personalized Video Messaging?


Personalized videos attached to gifts is a popular way to connect people through the use of technology. This modern form of gifting takes the traditional concept of sending a gift and elevating the gift by including a customized video message, straight from the heart. This technology allows meaningful interactions to occur, where the message can be tailored to show gratitude, affection, or any desired emotion. It's an innovative way to express feelings and connect with someone special over and above the actual gift.  With this form of gifting, people show their loved ones how deeply they care. In just a few clicks, one can instantly create their own message that makes any normal gift mean even more. Instead of a cliché store-bought card, video messaging allows the senders to personalize a gift by adding their own heartfelt words and expressions where the gift will resonate more personally with the receiver. Overall, personalized videos are a powerful tool that enables people to express themselves more authentically and meaningfully to create lasting connections with others.


The Power of Personalized Video Messaging


  Video Messaging has a powerful impact on the receiver as more personal messages have the unique ability to connect with people on a deeper, more emotional level, than traditional text-based communication.


When one receives a video message, they don’t only hear the spoken message but also see the face conveying the message. The powerful combination allows for a greater understanding and connection than the written word.


During the 1970s, a professor at the University of California named Albert Mehrabian created a theory based on his studies that deduce how humans comprehend verbal communication. The Mehrabian’s communication theory claims that in messages about emotions and feelings, 55% is conveyed through facial expressions, and 38%  is conveyed through paralinguistics (the way words are said) – leaving 7% left to the actual words being spoken. Ninety-three percent of personal communications rely on non-verbal cues. Therefore, the emotions in a message are more apparent to the receiver through body language and tone of voice, making personalized video messages the best route to go when wanting to emotionally connect with someone.


Crafting the Perfect Message



Personalized videos offer an inimitable opportunity to connect with someone on a deeper level through gifting – there are endless opportunities in which this unique media of message can be used. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or even just a normal day,  a unique video messaging allows one to truly let a loved one or friend know how much they mean to them.


On a special occasion, one may receive multiple generic store-bought cards that eventually get piled up and shoved somewhere or thrown in the trash and never given a second thought. Personalized videos from a friend or family member create something that can have an everlasting effect on the receiver. Hearing and seeing a video from a loved one will make any gift extra special. Send a CAMI tag along with a gift of sweets to your college kid who may be feeling lonely in their dorm or share a happy memory with a friend you haven’t gotten the opportunity to see in a while. The opportunities and creative ideas are endless when using personalized video messages.


Authenticity is the key to crafting the perfect message. Personalized video message allows the user to reference specific memories or inside jokes, making the gifting moment extra special. Speaking from the heart and tailoring the message personally to the intended receiver creates the perfect heartfelt message. When presenting a gift with a CAMI tag on it, the receiver will not only be given a gift but will also be gifted a memory. CAMI tag gives the opportunity to create an unforgettable gift-giving experience.

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