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A Unique and Personal Touch to Wedding Gifting

Are you looking for a way to engage with the wedding couple a bit different than the standard greeting? Whether you are out-of-town and completely missing the wedding or would like to leave-behind a unique message they will not forget, a clever personal video message might be the perfect solution!

Remember back to your wedding day and the abundance of cards you received with your gifts. You may have held onto them and tend take a look back to reminisce about your wedding day, or you may have kept the gift cards and cash, and decided to not keep the card. There is no true emotional attachment to that card unless a special message was written for your long and happy marriage.

Handwritten messages on a wedding day could be a thing of the past now that wedding video messages can be easily created to enhance personal engagement and bring emotion to the forefront.



What do you say in a wedding video message


Something funny

You can take multiple approaches to a video message for a couple's wedding day. You may be a long time friend of the groom, in which he'd suspect a funny personal message reminiscing about your college days and how your partner is the best thing that ever happened to you! Seeing the emotions on your face via a video message makes it that much more personal. This will certainly bring laughter (and maybe some tears) on your wedding day and for years to come!

Traditions trigger emotion

A more traditional approach may be the opportunity to create a video message in lieu of being able to spend the special day with the married couple because of distance.

Whether you are a close friend or family member, wedding video messages give you the opportunity to create a moment they won't forget on their wedding day. A great wedding congratulations message paired with an apology for missing the special day is something the happy couple won't forget.

As a parent of the soon-to-be married couple, you may be looking for the special way to put your emotions into words. For me, tears are brought to my eyes just thinking about this moment. There is absolutely no way I could deliver this message on their wedding day, in front of family friends.

A wedding video expressing your love and admiration for their love story is the perfect companion to their gift. You may want to leave them with a good laugh, sharing a humorous moment from their childhood, or share special heartfelt wishes for the years ahead.

From another couple

You may have a longstanding marriage with your spouse. Nothing is sweeter than providing advice that has worked for you. This may include a combination of funny wedding messages paired with traditional messages. It may be as simple as wishing them a fun filled future with experiences from your life or a memorable message around what life throws and how to steer clear!

Greeting cards for weddings are a thing of the past

Think about the special gifts you tend to buy for a wedding day and the process of picking a greeting card that is just as special. I don't know about you, but I never find one that has the absolute perfect words.

I typically also spend quite a bit of time searching for the perfect one in the greeting card aisle and still have to write a few paragraphs of my own to make it seem perfect for the happy couple.

Now imagine being able to create a wedding video message of your own, being able to surprise the couple with a well thought out video message after their special day that will certainly drive emotion.

A wedding message should be extremely personal, and a face-to-face video message is the perfect delivery method.

You will no longer have to settle for a standard greeting card that may have been given to hundreds of other couples. This will be unique to your recipients and will be sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Some things to think about when creating a wedding video message


Where is the perfect back drop to create the video? Is there a special location to shoot the wedding video that may trigger emotion within the happy couple? Depending on the tone (we will get to that in a minute), maybe it's a loud and silly environment versus something more quaint and quiet.


Do you have the perfect message already thought up in your head from years of memories with the couple? You could certainly go the funny route and stir the pot a bit, or you could create a very special wedding video message that would bring happy tears to their eyes.

You know the couple best, so the tone can be set by you and carried out through the message. It will be perfect – we are sure of it!


Maybe you are the perfect person to deliver the wedding message or maybe you have identified others that would heighten the emotion.

Let's say you are going to your brother or sister's wedding...providing a wedding video message from your children (their nieces and/or nephews) may be the perfect touch. Hearing their little voices, delivery a message from their heart, will surely pull at the heart strings!

Have you considered a larger group to deliver the video message? Maybe you are throwing a wedding shower for your colleague. Getting a group together from work to share a few special words along with a loud group "congratulations" at the end could create the perfect moment.


Whether you share a short and sweet note with the loving couple or expand on memories of personal life events, a wedding video message can create unique engagement and really heighten emotions.

Your wedding message will certainly be one they won't forget and they will have the opportunity to share it with others and download to keep forever.

CAMI messages can be delivered in 29 second or 3 minute options. Trust us, a lot can be said in 29 seconds!

Can anyone do it?

CAMI technology was originally developed with ages 5-95 in mind, so just about anyone can do it! We have made sure that a wedding video message is easy to create, connect to a gift tag, and apply to a gift.

There is no software needed to get started. You have one of two ways to create a personalized wedding video for your intended recipients:


CAMItags can be purchased in a number of retail stores or bought at and delivered within just a few days. These tags have an elastic band and can be easily placed around a gift or tied with a ribbon. This is my ideal choice for video messaging – you should give it a try!


The CAMI App can be found by searching for "CAMI" on the Google Play or Apple store. The app icon is bright purple with a "C" logo. You won't miss it!

Within this app, you can then select your length of message and begin recording! Once you are happy with your video message and have made the video "live", you can print your CAMItag and apply it to any gift. It really is that simple!

How it works

CAMI utilizes QR code technology in a non-traditional way. Most of us are used to scanning a QR code and having it take us to a web page or a PDF file to give us further information...thinking about your recent experiences viewing a menu at a restaurant or a promotion on a branded product.

Upon purchasing a CAMItag, there will not be any data connected to your code. The real value for these tags comes from the sender...that's you! You are what makes CAMItags so special as you become the creator for special wedding messages.


Using the standard camera on your phone, you will simply scan the CAMIcode (designed QR code). This will take you out to a recording page to start your wedding video. If your camera doesn't usually scan QR codes, a simple QR code scanner will do the trick!

Make your video message

Once you allow CAMI to use your camera, you will have 29 seconds to create your wedding video message. By hitting record, a countdown (3...2...1) in the upper right-hand corner will start that takes you to the official recording page. Record your video, then select the same button to stop the recording. You can choose to replay, re-record, or make it live.

If you replay your video and happen to not love your video message, or possibly stumble on your words while recording, no worries! You will have the opportunity to replay and re-record your message as many times as you'd like! We want to ensure your happy wedding day message is perfect!

Make it live

Upon selecting the "Make it Live" option, your video will begin uploading. Once the video is fully uploaded (100%), your video message will be instantly connected to your CAMIcode. You can rescan the code with your standard camera to verify and see exactly what your recipient will see!

Video messaging for weddings, from this day forward

Throughout the pandemic, people lost the personal touch that they had with friends and family in previous years. Social media has created a platform to bridge some of this gap, but other tools have been developed to ensure a whole new level of personal engagement.

Whether you are going to a wedding, a milestone birthday, a going away party, or any other special event, a video message will create a special face-to-face interaction, much different than a standard greeting card. Try it for yourself and watch the smiles come to life!

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